Timelapse images on OS X with Wacaw

25 Jul 2013

Step 1: Download wacaw from http://webcam-tools.sourceforge.net/

Step 2: Get the list of available devices with ./wacaw -L. Note the device and input number you want to use.

Step 3: save the script below as timelapse.sh and run it!



echo "Starting to take pictures every ${interval} seconds."

while true
    prefix=$(date +%Y-%m-%d:%H:%M:%S)
    # allow 10 frames for the camera to adjust brightness
    # use appropriate device/input based on Step 2 above
    ./wacaw --png -x 1280 -y 720 -n 10 -d 3 -i 0 img-${prefix}
    echo "Saved img-${prefix}.png"
    sleep ${interval}